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Between sixty to seventy percent of "abortion minded" mothers who see an ultrasound choose life, but only 40% of crisis pregnancy centers nationwide are equipped with ultrasound machines due their extremely high cost. Project Ultrasound raises awareness about the effectiveness of ultrasound machines in preventing abortion, but most importantly we raise funds for the purpose of assisting crisis pregnancy centers in purchasing ultrasound machines and ultrasound training.

All donations made to Project Ultrasound are tax deductible, and between 97-99% of those donations are used to purchase ultrasound machines and training.

We use several criteria in determining which centers are given financial assistance in the purchasing of ultrasound machines.

  • The center must have or be in the process of attaining the legal certification to offer ultrasound services in their state

  • The center must be in financial need and be unable to raise the necessary funds for an ultrasound machine and training through local or other national fundraising campaigns

  • Centers in high traffic areas are given priority due to the potential for higher impact in those areas

In some cases Project Ultrasound will work in tandem with other fundraising campaigns, such as Focus on the Family's 'Option Ultrasound' which provides partial funding for ultrasound machines and training to qualified centers. We see our mission as "filling the gap" where other fundraising efforts and programs have not fully filled the financial need of a center in getting an ultrasound machine up and running.

Project Ultrasound prides itself on integrity and accountability.

Please join us in our effort to allow expectant mothers to see life so they can choose life.

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